We offer an ultimate #OSTStudentEngagement platform and Leadership training.  Kensington combines The Arts and Social-Emotional Learning with interactive lessons to seamlessly bring culturally-relevant programs into classrooms

and engage all learners wherever they are.

Kensington offers the most relevant and up-to-date tools and resources for classrooms, Districts and Home-based Learning.

Group Meeting
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Support For Educators

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Game Character Creation

In-Person or virtual Learning

Support For Students

Support For Parents, Pre-Service Teachers, Community and Policy-Makers

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Kensington works in partnerships to develop credible, useful evidence and knowledge that may help solve education problems within areas of community interest.  Our collaborations help provide data and progress reports to evaluate what is working and is not working.  


Our partnerships and community organizations help us get solutions to field leaders, policymakers and influencers of policy and practices.


Kensington participates with professional learning communities - virtual and in person, to discuss experiences and problems, exchange ideas, meet and learn from experts in their fields.


Our team provides technical assistance to educators on how to measure the progress of educational endeavors.